No easier way. But there’s lighter side. :)

      It is really easier for us to say things than doing it. It may be quoted over and over, but it is undoubted. Like in giving advice  we say things trying to uplift one’s spirit, yet the moment we are in the similar situation… we are clueless and weak. There goes the unerring difference between “I know how it feels” from “I’m feeling the exact thing right now.” When you know how it feels, you just know it. But when you feel it, you know how it’s awfully hard. Here we focus on people who drag their selves into that locale, those who feel the glitches in much difficulty wherein they can’t even move on. Even though the people around us try so inclement in telling us to stop things when it’s wrong, and yet we are an admitted knuckle-headed person when it comes to that thing. The problem with us is we wait for a turning point, a rising events, or climax, in making right changes. Like in telling the truth, we wait so long for the right time until the secret is surprisingly-known and there go dramas, fights, and all. Come to think of it, if we just simply work on things to make it right, regardless of what might happen, it may be hard but at least the damage and pain is lesser. Nothing is done in easier way, but something can be done in lighter way. In ways where we can’t assure of not being hurt, but we can be sure of guilt-less feeling… because, at least, we’ve done something to make things right. Life, or love, has its different level of difficulty like in games. There we can choose whether we want it difficult, average, or easy. The important thing is, we’ll think of how much we can handle it… we’ll consider how light it would be for the both parties.


I’ll never leave you.

     Falling in love is really a silly thing. You’ll never get matured enough for that. I, myself, am guilty as charged. Haha. And for you who always ask me why I love you, I answered that I don’t know why. Seriously, I have no idea; I love you because I love you. I guess that is one simple yet complicated answer. Maybe that is why love becomes magical; it is because you have no concrete reason of why loving a person, but love. That brings up the fire because you were trying to look for a reason why, but fails to find it. And the dark side of it was you’re also having a hard time looking for the reason to let go, because in the first place… you don’t know why you’ve fallen. And to you, again, as much as I’ve wanted to let this go, I won’t. I’ll stay by your side, and I always got your back, as promised. Maybe for some, it is just a kid thing. But hey, love never gets old. And love never gets perfect. Fall in love, be silly, get hurt, cry a river, face all anxieties, and after all these… stand strong, and stand still.