I’ll never leave you.

     Falling in love is really a silly thing. You’ll never get matured enough for that. I, myself, am guilty as charged. Haha. And for you who always ask me why I love you, I answered that I don’t know why. Seriously, I have no idea; I love you because I love you. I guess that is one simple yet complicated answer. Maybe that is why love becomes magical; it is because you have no concrete reason of why loving a person, but love. That brings up the fire because you were trying to look for a reason why, but fails to find it. And the dark side of it was you’re also having a hard time looking for the reason to let go, because in the first place… you don’t know why you’ve fallen. And to you, again, as much as I’ve wanted to let this go, I won’t. I’ll stay by your side, and I always got your back, as promised. Maybe for some, it is just a kid thing. But hey, love never gets old. And love never gets perfect. Fall in love, be silly, get hurt, cry a river, face all anxieties, and after all these… stand strong, and stand still. 

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