Soon Enough

We are young. And yet, we worry too much about being in a relationship. At least most of us, let’s admit it. We long for someone who’s going to take care of us whenever we’re sick, who’s going to cuddle with us on a cold weather, who’s going to surprise us even if there’s no special occasion, who’s going to make us feel we are not alone… We always long for someone who’s going to be always there for us. That shouldn’t be the case. We shouldn’t be desperate. In time, it will be there.


We should know, soon enough, love will come along. Someone out there will, soon enough, come into your life to make you feel everything’s perfect… You are perfect. Maybe now is not the time. Maybe now is too early for that. Maybe now is the time for making one’s self happy, because soon, someone will do that thing. And you are to make that one happy, too. Maybe now, just now, that one is still scared to take risks. Risks that could, probably, hurt you, both of you. Maybe that one is still working on being ready on getting into a responsible and happy relationship. Not the teen-type relationship, but a serious, matured one. The risks, maybe that one is still afraid, still fearful. When all that one can do now is be clingy, be sweet, and be someone you ever wanted, but that’s just it… you’re not committed because of that fear. But let’s give time, because, maybe, that’s what everyone needs to be entirely happy and ready. Giving time and having time for your own is important. So let’s give everyone time.  


Thus, soon enough, everyone will learn to love regardless of the gender (Maybe this is another issue, but it goes to this one as well.). That when love hits the both of you, no matter whom that is, you’ll probably give in to it. That no one will ever be afraid to love because you’ve readied yourselves in to the judgmental nature of people, and learned not to care at all, because you are happy… because you love.   

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