Hold my hand, I’ll never get tired.

It’s sad to think how we desperately long for someone who isn’t and was never ours. It’s sad and funny, equally. But the thing is, that is how much we can offer for love. That is how much we can love. Like asking why that one can’t love us? Worse is, we can find reasons on why that one should consider us, than reconsider moving on. Because, yes, I am happy cooking every meal you’ll have every single day. Yes, I’ll be glad doing your laundry to lessen what you’ll be doing. Yes, I’ll be honored massaging your feet, or even your whole body, just to make you feel better after your long day at work. Yes, I’ll undoubtedly drive you to wherever you’re going. Yes, I can be that one who’s going to be with you when you’re sick, taking care of you. Yes, I can go wherever you want me to go, with you, just to make you feel that you are not alone, that I will always be here with you. And yes, I’ll be happy doing everything that could make you feel happy, that could make you feel contented, that you could make you feel you have everything. And with all that, I just want you to hold my hand, regardless of how rough it has gone due to everything I can, and I will do for you. I just want you to hold my hand, making me feel that I am loved back, that you truly love me back.