Don’t be too old for your age. Let’s play it simple.

     To love is just the same thing as to live. It undergoes changes. It is a long journey. It has an indirect process before being stabled, before settling down. Just like living, we commit mistakes, we face failures, and go through other glitches.


     We fall in love. We have this puppy love during elementary days, teenage love during high school days, and all. It has levels. But what’s important is that we are happy. In the first place, you’ve fallen in love and entered such relationship because you are happy. And if you’re not, just end it… unless you are married or at the age of 25 and above, you should try fixing it. But if you are still young, just let it go and consider it an experience. Let’s not fantasize the statement, “Even though we always fight, I’ll be staying.” Or something like that. You’re just fooling yourself. You should not complicate things with fighting. You should just be happy and learn. You should love is equal to you should be happy. It has levels, it is step by step, the level of maturity changes. ‘You should be serious’ differs when you’re just 13 from 31. The level of being serious at the age of 13 is serious but not miserable in a way of not complicating things. While at the age of 31, you should be fixed that you’ll be happy and stay with each other no matter what, with conflicts and all.


     Let’s not misinterpret the statement, “You don’t know if when your last day is, so live while you’re still alive.” Or something like that. You should enjoy being a kid. You should enjoy being immature. Because time will come that you should be responsible. From there, you don’t have to regret and go back to being a kid because you’ve already spent your childhood days being playful. So let us not be afraid of death, we have to live on how much responsibility we should have, and to not think like a 29 year-old when you’re still 12. You may only live once, but let’s not put pressure to it. Just be yourself at the age you’re in. You should not be miserable, you should live. Just live!

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