You’re the mistake I want to commit, again.

           People tend to be in situations indirectly the same. We all go through the same thing. Maybe in different time, place, or scenarios, but it is just the same thing. We fall in love. Hence, we fall out of it. Maybe it is so childish to use the word FALL, but in the benefit of everyone, YES, we do fall in and out of love. We go in relationship that makes us happy, maybe not the whole time, but at some point it made us happy. That’s where our innocence drives us. It leads us to something we thought we’ve always needed. We all go through that… pain… heartaches… but behind that are just another lesson in life. We may all get hurt once in our life, what’s important is that we know how to move forward.


            I’ve been in a similar situation. I’ve fallen in love, hardcore. There are days when you are excited because you’ll be able to talk to someone, someone really special. There are days that even when you’re tired, you’re going to go out with your friends because you know you’re going to see that person. There are sleepless nights when you don’t care about the time because you foresee the late night call that fortunately happens. And at the end of it, it ends. Because what you thought was meant is inversely proportional to what is true. How you thought of the effort appreciated was all but a bunch of lie. When you thought it will go to a deeper relationship, all of a sudden, it’s just gone. That’s it. That’s the kooky game of love.


            Behind all the pain, heartaches… lays another lesson learned. Behind all the anger, hatred… lays a gratitude for all the first times, for all the happy moments, for all the wonderful memories, and for all the great lessons given. I may have considered that a mistake, you a mistake, but the truth is… you are the mistake I’ve always wanted to commit, again.

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