A letter for you.

Dear YOU,

Hi! I hope to see you, soon. Yea, I’m looking forward for that day. I’m not as perfect as I may seem, but I know how to treat others. I do favors for anyone as much as I can. I get tired but I don’t stop. I love to do those things. But I guess I’m not good enough for someone because until now, I don’t have somebody. Hence, I know, the day will come that I will meet you. Somewhere, unexpectedly. I love going to places and doing things by myself. But I know one day, when I go to places and do things, I’ll be with you. We’ll be happy. You’ll meet my friends, my family, and I’ll meet yours. I know that will be perfect because I’ve waited for so long. We’ll spend the rest of our lives happy. And I’m sure you won’t regret being with me because I’ll love you endlessly. I will support everything you’re up to, I’ll help you achieve your dreams. I’ll cater to everything you need. I’ll make you feel that you’re the luckiest person He ever made. Starting from the very day we’ll commit to each other, the only tears falling from your eyes is because of happiness. I won’t do anything to hurt you. We’ll learn thing with each other. We’ll fall together, but I know we’ll also stand together. We’ll laugh with silly things. We’ll just be happy. I’ll end this by telling you that I’m just waiting for the day He scheduled for us to meet. And when that time comes, I won’t let a day pass by without making you smile. I love you, sincerely from the heart. I won’t give up just to find you. See you, soon. Let’s define forever, together. I love you.

Happily waiting for the day we’ll meet,
John Paul M. Madrid

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