Mundane Activity of Reality

A world where all people judges those who stand out, those who are weird, and those who are different, but cares less to those who are normal, and those who are ordinary. Yes, we live in a world full of judgements. Sad life, it is. We are not living in a movie where in you should really consider all these anxieties because you have limited people around you because of limited characters. But no, this is reality. As much as they can judge you, you can care less. This is the part where you should decide whether you’ll bother yourself “fitting in” or decide not to care… at all.  And for a fact, we can grab a chair and build castles in the air that someday…. someday all of these might lead in to vicissitude. But this is the present-day where we should all live. Can you imagine how awful it is? Every time we wake up and go out to face the world, we need to be strong. So how can you seriously be happy with that? How can you live in a world where you are not hundred-percent accepted? And sure, we can say that you don’t need to “please” everyone. But what if you already have no one? What if because you cared less, everybody did the same to you? That’s not okay, seriously.  And what’s worst is this is not just for today, we need to face it daily. Until the day everything will be different. Fairy tales were just for innocent kids. Movies are just for fantasizing. Life is for us. It is for us to face and re-live. .. It will be and I hope not for a long time, the mundane activity of our pathetic life. When can we possibly dress the way we want, eat the way and what we want, speak how we want, love who we love, live whatever life we want without being judged, with just being simply welcomed, accepted.

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