Teens’ reflection #2

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” (Proverbs 18:15)


          Our life never stops from experiencing things, whether good or bad. It goes on. When we were born, it is not like we entered school that we graduate every now and then. We are not graduating in life, only if you’re dead, you graduate. It is a continuous learning, it may have different phases, but it never ends there. We can still be a kid when we’re adult, but we can never act like a kindergarten when we are in college. We can make a lot of mistakes in our life and learn something from it, but in school we should be leery because we are graded. In life, we should accept that we know all things because, seriously, no one knows all things… only Him. Stop playing Mr. Know It All, and envisage the thought that we need to continually lucubrate the lessons of life. Even the oldest, a hundred in age or plus, still doesn’t know everything. Even the wisest man commits mistakes. But you shouldn’t feel sad or bad that you don’t know everything, but be happy because you are still alive because you have to learn some things. Trust in Him and He will make you see things that you need to see, feel things that you need to feel, speak things that you need to preach, hear things that you need to hear, do thing according to His words, and learn thing that you need to know and understand. That is life. That is the learning of life. So get up, everyday, and feel happy that TODAY you will learn something new.  

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