4ever & ever.



     You made me feel more than being a member of a dance group, but a BARKADA. You made me feel more than love and care of a friend, but a family. You were all there to pick me up and tell me, “Kaya mo ‘yan.” You helped me not just to be stronger but to be a better person. I don’t rate you on who were there the longest time, who stayed at my worst being, and who is still there and who left, but I value all of you, equally. I know things weren’t as great and perfect as before. But we are all grown ups, we learned and should learn that no matter what, by any case/reason, we got each other’s back. If mistakes and bad things are done, just admit it, and regain each other’s trust. You’ll forgive/be forgiven and laugh about it every time you remember it. That is the true friendship, the friendship that has grown between all of us and is worth it to stay and fight for until forever. I hope everything will be fine, soon… Those misunderstandings and all will be settled. Life, as we know it, is really short. So as early as today, be happy and feel free. I know that the time will come when we are all getting jobs, getting married, and having kids, but this friendship will not just be remembered, it will stay. Even if, soon, we settle and get busy with work/family… I hope the “got your back” thing will remain, ’cause I, myself, will take note of that. This is enough, too much drama. Haha. I’ll be expecting more years like this. But, seriously, I want to slap in everyone’s face that I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for everything. 🙂 I value all of you. You know that, you must. We got 4 years, and we got 4ever to continue it. 😉 4ever ENIGMA, Happy 4th Anniversary! 😉

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