Film Synopsis and Review #2



     Mga Mumunting Lihim, an entry directed by Jose Javier Reyes for Director’s Showcase films in Cinemalaya, kick ideas about a friendship that seemed to be perfect but not. It all started with the death of Mariel, the most understanding and strong among them. Her death was really a hurt for her three closest friends. She left a box that is addressed to Carla, her best friend. The box was full of diaries of Mariel. Carla got interested and read her friend’s diaries. And there, she find out a lot of secrets that was hidden by Mariel to her and their two other friends.


     The film bears out confusion if ones friendly relationship is really fine. The idea of the story and the approach of the film were exquisite and hilarious. This is a story that will make people catch a glimpse of how one can value them. On the last breathe of Mariel, she wants to foresee that she will be remembered by her friends. She left her diaries that are addressed to her best friend for her to read it. In there, the secrets of what is really going on, who they really are, and how they treat each other behind their backs was revealed. That may fruition to a fight between her three friends that she left, but in a good way, because there, they will understand each other very well. They don’t only see the flaws of the other, but also their foible. That is friendship, you may encounter misunderstandings and fights, but you end up getting together again and laughing about it. The consummation was not only for them to be stronger but also their relation to each other. That is how she values her friends, that even when she’s already gone, she helped them fathom their selves and each other better. There may be no foolproof friendship, but there will always be a kooky and prosperous one. 

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