Film Synopsis and Review #1


Aparisyon, an entry directed by Vincent Sandoval for New Breed films in Cinemalaya, confers about life of nuns and the possible things that may happen inside and outside the monastery. The story correlates during the time of Ferdinand Marcos’ presidency, 1970’s. Sister Lourdes went to the Adoration monastery, found in a remote town in Rizal, to join them and be introduced to the cloistered life. Sister Remy, an extern nun in the same monastery, receives news that her activist brother is gone. She was deeply afflicted, and so, she asked Mother Superior Ruth a leave of absence because she wants to help her family in searching his brother. Unfortunately, she is not allowed to. Sister Remy got comfortable with Sister Lourdes, which leads her in telling everything that bothers her and all the glitches she was going through. Sister Lourdes got the point, so she decided to go along the side of Sister Remy, and she asked Mother Superior Ruth to make her also an extern nun. When they are asked to sell their herbal medicine to the town proper, instead of going to the town, they’re going to a meeting where the people also have missing relatives. It was already dark and the way back to the monastery is through the woods, they encountered three drunken male rebels and have fallen into immolation of bestiality.

The film bespeak a heavy feeling, it leads everyone to the understanding of the sacrifices made by those people who wants to be a nun. Though the story gyrated only inside and a bit of outside the monastery, it didn’t fail to make an excellent story. A story that would make people see a different and somehow hidden side of the world, because we can see the outside of one monastery but not really the happenings inside of it. We may conclude to the idea of nuns are only praying their whole lives, that they are all happy with praying and meditating everyday. But this film shows that they are also suffering from different glitches. That they also suffer but remain grateful because the trust in God and His plans. And I can still remember Mother Superior Ruth’s line when Sister Lourdes is really down because of the violence she experienced, she said, “Hindi mo man maiintindihan ngayon kung bakit nangyari ‘yan sa ‘yo. Dapat mong tandaan na iyan ay bahagi ng malaking plano ng Diyos sa buhay mo.” It may be not the exact words used, but that was the idea. The statement makes us realize that even on the darkest moment, the deepest failure, or mistakes that we are going through; it is part of God’s plan. A plan that will lead us into the culmination that there is no perfect life, that even though how hard we work just to make things the way we wanted it to be, it will still pull us to where we really should be and make us stronger. It may be the worst thing that would happen to us, but if we just accept life’s imperfection. We will be happy. The consummation of the film may lead to the feeling of heaviness because of the lunatic people/events in this world that may lead us to the questions of why. But in the end, it depicts a gnarly life despite of the dreadful situations you experience.

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