Chaos of True Love

True love is simply being true to it. Without any reason or any effort of learning to love, you just simply love. It is immeasurable, yet it just goes deeper and deeper. You can’t control it or hide it from yourself. It is something like a proven fact to be true, you can’t deny it. But the glitches behind it was it differs from ‘you truly love the person’ and from ‘you truly love each other.’ With “you truly love the person”, it is just you. You’re just wasting your time. It is pointless. It is like you’ve read a fairy tale with nothing good happened on the story. You were expecting for a happy ending but in the end, you realized yourself being a dumb ass who knows that the fairy tale is not a good one, yet assumed that it will. Just a fail, plain stupidity it is. And the other, with “you truly love each other”, it is almost perfect. The feeling, and the two of you, together. It’s just love, true one. But still, you’re not sure if it lasts. Does a love, the true love they call, do last a lifetime? If not, is it really possible for someone to forget true love? And what do you really forget, the feeling or the person you had felt true love with? That is quite a realization with things I can’t even answer. I’ll just leave this unanswered as love really connects to fantasy. Life, indeed, is really short. Just be happy. True love may or may not have happy ending, but at least you know that somebody loved you and can love you with who you really are. 😉

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