Stubborn Love

No matter how much we’ve been hurt, no matter how we fail at times we assumed, we still feel the same way when the same sweet things happen. That is love, that is when you get to say you really have fallen in love. You can’t control yourself from being hooked to the sweetness of ones affection. Yea, love makes you act stupid, feel stupid, and transforms you to being stupid. You use your feelings, not you’re mind. Love is like a stubborn kid. They just do what they like to do. If they got curious, they won’t worry about taking risks and just go with it. And always want dealing with who/what makes them happy even if it hurts them, gave them bruises, and made them cry. Love is like a stubborn kid. They are committing mistakes, and learning. Experience is one best way to make them realize something, and be used to something they can use in the future glitches. For the last time, Love is like a stubborn kid. That’s true. So don’t spoil love with such sweet things if you don’t have the courage to continue it with commitment or relationship, because its like a kid, if you spoil them and don’t give them what they like, they will cry and eventually hurt themselves. That is a kid, that is love. It’s forever young, it doesn’t grow old like people. It always stay immature. Even though it is forever young, you can’t play with it. It is still a feeling, it gets hurt. Like a kid who’s being bullied, they get hurt. And so, my friend, like a loving parents always say, “Don’t be stubborn!”

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