Holding back the feeling.

Moving on can never be applied with a scientific method nor be solved using GRESA. It will never have a process, you can’t even say that “Today, I have moved on.” It is something you just forget, it is more like having an amnesia and not doing something about it. You just forget it. But how could it be possible for one to move on with a matter of missing the old times, a matter of needing your relationship with someone in the past, and worst is, the matter of holding back into the feeling? The feeling of being in love, and the feeling of being loved. Yes, it has its ending. The fact is, it already did. You can say that your letting go of that person, that feeling. But if your always bringing yourself to the past, you are letting go but holding back the feeling. Which is, by rudeness, USELESS. You’re like reading the same book a hundred times, you’ll just get the same thing, same story, same climax, same rising and falling events, and same ending… It doesn’t change, just like your feelings, what you felt, and how much you’ve been hurt, it doesn’t change. So don’t fool yourself with saying, “I will move on.” Because time itself will erase everything. Forget the feeling but never forget the lesson. It may help you, it will. 🙂

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