I love us.

Forgive me, but this is what I really want to say. This is the real thing. I want to tell you and let you know that this is what I’m feeling. I want you to know that I love you, I love US. I love how you’ve been sweet, I love how we’ve become, I love every word you say, I love your smile, I love holding your hands, I love our tight hugs, I love every single thing about us. But I hate it when I’m thinking that this is not right, everything is not right. The reality of there is no US but such sweet things existed and such sweet moments happened, but there’s no us? Why? I hoped, I assumed, I thought that there is something going on. That’s just what I felt, but it’s nothing. I assumed that you feel the same, got mad at you, but it’s really my fault. I’m being snob and out of reach at times we’re together, I’m sorry, I just don’t want to feel the same. And even though everything wasn’t right, though everything was just what I thought, I still love you… I still love US.

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