Riding this crazy train.

As I ride this train, I realized something, that it can be compared to life. You have a choice if you want the easy spot or do a sacrifice for others and deal with the challenge of standing. You need to balance yourself, as you need to balance your life. You need something to hold on to for you not to fall down, as you need someone to be there by your side for you not to breakdown. You have every stop, because you have a choice if you want to continue. That is life, it’s a tough thing, when living it alone. You have to be strong and be balanced. You may have a choice to continue but if it’s really the end or your destination, you have to accept it. Life may be thrilling or boring, but the saddest fact about it is that, it ends. So live your life happy, and deal with the obstacles with ultimate positive vibes. Life may end as soon as you know it, but at least, you’ve been happy. 😉 Try this train and have a crazy ride but meaningful thoughts.

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