You just fall, they said.

Falling in love is something you can’t help. You just fall, they said. But I guess that does not mean the same thing all the time. It’s like falling down from the top of a building, you can’t control yourself from falling. But don’t you think some fall from the top of a building because it is their choice? You may fall accidentally or not, and it’s different from each other. You fall accidentally because you love the person without any reason to tell, without any thing to do, just fall. You fall NOT by accident because you really wanted to love that person, you made the first move to fall, you had the options but you choose to fall, and the result was you can’t help but fall. I used the word FALL many times not to be redundant, but to emphasize the glitches teens today are experiencing due to misinterpretation of the statement “falling in love.”

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