No perfect life.

Life is like starting a new restaurant, you are to go taste different foods, sometimes it’s bad but sometimes it tastes good. Of course, every one of us would wish to have the good one, but we can’t escape the fact of going through the bad one. Life can never be easy for us. Maybe when some of us are kids, we are spoiled brats, but what can a spoiled brat do when they grow up and be independent? Their life would be miserable. And a kid who went through different struggles like doing chores, helping parents, etc. would not have a hard time being independent. But it still depends on how we think. Life will never be perfect the way we wanted it. You don’t need a perfect life to be happy. But you need to live your life to be happy. What can you actually do not to think of life’s drama? Is there any escape for that? How can you just live your life if lots of problems go to you? There’s so many questions that we can’t perfectly answer by words but by deeds. The most important decisions in life are never easy. We decide every time and it’s definitely hard. There’s like people who are whispering to your mind and saying such words that could confuse yourself.

What’s the best thing to do? It is to follow what your heart wants. If you want cake for your restaurant and the one you’ve tasted is not good, find another cook. If you want a better ambiance for your restaurant and the designer you’ve picked can’t reach your expectation, choose another with a better imagination. Don’t make your life harder when it’s not really easy. You need to go with the flow when it doesn’t go the way you wanted it. Don’t be afraid of committing mistakes. You don’t have to prove yourself to everyone. The best way to make life easy is to follow what your heart wants and not what you think your heart wanted. And there, you’ll be surprised that the restaurant you’ve started is what the people around you want to see.

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