Man Up. Don’t Give up. STAND UP!

God gave us these different lives because He knows we can live it. He created us not to suffer, but to learn. Maybe there is a certain problem that is given to us, but it is for us to use what ability He gave us. It is for us to prove that we are worth it giving these abilities. There are people who just want to give everything up, there are people who just want to die and end their sufferings. But I idolize those who still live their life though they failed hundred times, those who pass through every problem with a smile at the end, those who consider everything as a part of life and not a mistake, and those who are not afraid to lose something or someone because he knows God will never leave him. Life is a matter of living, a matter of being happy, a matter of suffering, a matter of experiencing, and a matter of learning. You can’t escape things like being hurt, being unhappy, and being lonely. And the funny thing is, you’ll laugh at the end, because you’ll realize that you are forgetting someone and something. You are forgetting God, and you are forgetting life. God is there to teach, guide, save, and heal. Life is there for you to live it. You are not lacking of someone, you’re lacking of yourself. Everything is there given to you, after that, it is up to you. Everything will be up to you. People are given lives with ending. Ending will never be that hard for you to accept; if you know you haven’t done anything wrong without making it right, if you know you’d successfully passed through everything without stepping on someone, and if you know that you made yourself happy by making everyone smile. You don’t have to give up. You have to stand up! Man up! God is always up there.

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