Have enough and Give more.

I’m on my way home when I saw this kid inside a pedicab. Then his father arrived giving him a Regular fries from one popular fast food chain. I saw them both happy, thankful of what they have. So, I started to realize things… “Basically, when we are asked why we have more than what we need is because we can afford to buy those. But why can’t we just have enough and give that MORE to those who have less.” Maybe some would say that it’s not your fault why those people can’t afford such. But, disregard the fact that they have many children, disregard the fact that they’re unemployed, and think of helping. They are not employed because most firms accept only educated people. They are not educated because they can’t afford such. But as you help them, you are making them realize that they are still people. That there are still some people who could accept them. You are not to tolerate them to be dependent of others, but you are to give them hope. That even though they are in the lower state of life, there is still life. Appreciation is one of the factors to have a happy life. You have to be happy of what you have and of what you only need. Life is about how you share something to others and not just about how much you give something to yourself. Have enough, share more. 😉

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