Changes do change things.

When you cry, you’re friend stays with you and tell you to be strong and you can do it. When you fall, you’re friend helps you to stand and rise again. What those people do is make you stronger. The more tears you release, the more strength you gain. The more down fall moment you have, the more courage you get to face the next one. You were changed by those people. They don’t want to see you and you don’t want to see yourself weak. But then, when you start gaining that courage, it seems like something’s change. Some of them would say that they don’t like the new you. Some of them would say that you are not this person they knew before. But the only clue you have is that you were stronger. That’s the time I learned something about human behavior. When you’re friend is weak, you stay and you’re like controlling him by saying be strong, and the time he gain that strength you wanted him to have, you’re just going to leave him and say that you don’t understand him. Remember, you were one of the reasons why he gained that strength. Instead of leaving him, why don’t you stay and say that you’re proud of whom he’d become.

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