Chains are well-connected.

You have friends there for you, and you are definitely there for those people. That’s why they stay. But what if you weren’t there for all of them? What if you stop caring too much? What if you give up being that person? Would anyone stay? Would anyone even bother to make you feel that you are worth to be with for the rest of their lives? That’s the hardest part of being a happy-go-luck and helpful person. No one knows that you need someone. All they can see is that you’re strong. All they can say is, “You can do it!” All they want to hear from you is that you are happy. But you know that you are not. You get to realize that the friend you want is what friend you are to others. You just need someone who can listen while you are being like an actor of a soap opera, and laugh with you like a mentally retarded person. A friend is not those who you start a conversation with; every now and then just to keep updated. Friendship is like chains, it won’t work and definitely not considered as chains if one holds tight but the other one loosen up, it will only be called chains if you both are equally in touched. That’s who you need. The one who’ll never forget and who’ll you never forget to check if everything’s okay. If you are only remembering him/her at times of trouble, you are not a friend. If you are only saying that you’ll be always there because that person is always there for you, you are not a friend. You can consider a person your friend by any means, but you can’t consider everyone the true ones. Friendship is like a lover’s relationship, it won’t work if only one gives importance to it. Both of you should. I envy the friendship I see in movies, they are like that close to each other. How I wish I could have my own TRUE friend. (No offense)

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